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Common Mistakes You May Make During Initial Days of Guitar Lessons

Mar 13, 2023 | Guitar

If you have kept up with your New Year’s Resolution to learn something new, like guitar, I congratulate you. Learning an instrument like a guitar can really be an exciting experience. However, you have to ensure that you get the right trainer. They have the expertise and quality teaching skills to help you play the guitar perfectly.

Challenges for Beginners:

If you have not held a guitar until you visit the tutor, getting accustomed to the instrument can take some time. You are bound to make some rookie mistakes, but do not let that go over your confidence or learning ability. Following the instructions of the trainer will help you learn from these mistakes.

Common Guitar-Playing Mistakes Made by Rookies:

The common errors in the first few days of guitar lessons are discussed here. Ensure that you do not commit them during your sessions.

  • Holding the Guitar Properly: In your first-ever class, you may face some challenges in holding the guitar properly. The curves of the guitar should hug your body. If you hold it while seated, fit the curves against your knee and rib cage. If you are standing, the upper curves of the guitar should be placed against your rib cage.
  • Avoiding the Barre Chords: As a beginner, you may avoid touching the Barre Chords. However, it is an important part of the guitar that can improve your playing ability. To hold the Barre chords, place one finger across the frets and get the others in a comfortable position. In the first few lessons, holding the Barre chords may seem tough. However, you can improve it with time.
  • Not Learning Proper Strumming Technique: Proper picking and strumming of the guitar is the technique that differentiates rookies from experts. To learn this important technique, you should rely on only professionals. They can teach you the technicalities of strumming, like chord changes. Do not attempt to learn the important techniques from video tutorials.
classic guitar with Brian

Learn from these mistakes, and try to avoid attempting these during your guitar classes. Try booking sessions from a reliable source with years of experience playing the guitar. Classic Guitar Lessons with Brian can be a suitable suggestion for you. I am Brian, who conducts classical guitar lessons. I can assure you of proper guidance and care in helping you play the guitar properly. In my class, you can get a perspective to understand and appreciate music. To learn more, you can visit my website today.