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Five Common Mistakes Every Novice Guitarist Makes in the Beginning

May 22, 2023 | Guitar

If you’re learning guitar for the first time, it is obvious that you will make a few mistakes here and there. Since it is the first time you’re being introduced to the chords and the tunes, getting a hold of the same will take time. Practice is the key to success. Also, make sure you take guitar lessons from good teachers to learn faster. Moreover, many upcoming guitarists are always hurrying to practise songs at the earliest rather than trying to set the tunes. It would be best to practise the boring drills repeatedly to get the tunes correctly.

Here are a few common mistakes you are making while learning a guitar.

What are a few common mistakes you must avoid?

Not paying enough attention to tempo and beats

To learn the guitar lessons perfectly, one has to have proper knowledge of tempo and beats. It is the alpha and omega of music. So if you can’t keep track of your beats and are unable to follow a rhythm while making music, then you cannot learn guitar.

Trying to learn hurriedly

A guitar lesson takes time. You cannot learn guitar in a day. Instead of hurrying from the very beginning, it is advisable that you slowly learn to use your fingers around the chords. The speed will naturally come to you as soon as you professionally handle the chords.

Not practising enough

The success of becoming a renowned guitarist realises one particular fact. You need to practise daily and get your quotes and tune perfectly. Sometimes the drill might look boring; however, make sure that you practise the same tune and the basics daily. Remember, you will not become a pro in a day. It will take a lifetime to get the chords right. So daily practice is essential.

Do not start practising songs

Whenever a person gets a guitar in their hand, they feel that within a month, they can play their favourite tunes. However, this is a myth. You must refrain from learning songs initially, as it will not build your base. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can process the song’s part.

Set up goals

Guitar learning is a never-ending process. What is your goal? Where do you want to reach as a guitarist? You must have a clear set vision and goals for the same. For instance, for beginners, the goal will be different compared to the professionals. Setting an initial goal will help you achieve the same and learn accordingly.

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