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Learn About The Basics Of Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide

Apr 17, 2023 | Guitar

From Spanish flamenco to folk, country, blues, rock, and modern pop, the guitar is the core of several styles and genres of music. The guitar is a complex instrument that generates endless combinations of sounds and expressions if played skillfully. It can change a song’s mood with just some simple strums. Here are a few basic things you should know if you are aspiring to learn classic guitar playing.

Things You Should Know As An Aspiring Guitarist

1. Difference Between Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar

  • Electric Guitar: These guitars use an electric amplifier or speaker to yield their sound instead of the guitar body itself. This is generally suggested for beginners as they have thinner strings and a smaller body which makes them easier to handle and play. But learning the electric guitar requires additional investment in equipment like an amplifier, cables and pedals.
  • Acoustic Guitars: These guitars produce sound with the natural resonance of the wood body. Its wider fretboard makes some notes more of a stretch for beginners, whereas the nylon strings may be difficult on your fingers. Acoustic guitars do not need any investment to buy any additional equipment. You can easily transition to electric.

2. How To Know Your Dominant Guitar Hand

Each hand has a different job while playing the guitar.

The picking hand is typically the dominant hand for a guitarist because it plucks or strums the strings and keeps time with the music.

On the other side, the fret hand creates chords holding down the frets. Though your fret hand usually moves less than the picking hand, it should also rapidly switch between notes while still making long stretches.

There are both right-handed guitars as well as left-handed guitars. It is generally suggested that it is safe to believe that a right-handed guitar is suitable for you if you are right-handed. But you should try both if you are left-handed. You cannot be literally sure of which hand plays the dominant role until you start practising. Take note for the first couple of times when you pick up a guitar. This will help you decide which hand gravitates to the strings naturally and which to the chords.

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