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Valuable Advice to Note for Classical Guitar Left Hand Technique

Aug 21, 2023 | Guitar

If you are on the stepping stones to learning classical guitar, you are on the verge of learning many new things. No matter where you go for training, it is important to ensure you are imbibing the correct lessons. You are always free to ask questions to your guitar trainer to get proper answers to your queries.

Left-Hand Stretching: A Common Mistake

Though there are many issues regarding playing the guitar, left-hand stretching is the most common problem. It is also the quintessential problem for those who play the instrument with their left hand. However, with proper guitar lessons and advice, you will be able to overcome such a problem.

How to Play Classical Guitar with Your Left Hand?

 In this blog, we will talk at length about the left-hand technique of playing the classical guitar. It will help you properly maximise your stretching potential and play the classical guitar.

  • Wrist Rotation: In the regular left-hand guitar playing position, you must keep the fingers parallel to the fretboard. The palm generally remains below the neck of the guitar, which may limit the ability to stretch. However, if you twist the wrist and the palm to bring the elbow out, the fingers would come into a great position. This enables them to establish a greater distance between the fingers and tips. Though not the ideal position to play with the left hand, it gives you flexibility without strain. 
  • Repertoire: It is a particularly challenging stretch, where finger 1 should hold the low F-sharp on string 6. Finger 2, on the other hand, should reach the high A on string 1. Finger 4 must play the ornament and reach a high B. The left-hand position should be adjusted so that finger 2 reaches the third fret.
  • Thumb off the Fretboard: When playing classical songs, you must work on getting this exact thumb position. At the start, finger 4 would hold the high E in fret 12. Though a conventional left-hand guitar strumming approach is necessary, you should release the thumb entirely from the back of the guitar neck

 These are a few important guidelines that you must never forget while playing the guitar left-handed. To get more insights on the right ways of playing a classical guitar, join Classical Guitar Lessons with Brian. I am a professional trainer who can provide you with the right guitar lessons and advice. For more details, you can visit my website today.